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Bochum University of Applied Sciences

Institute for Automation & Industrial IT
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AIT   —   Automation & Industrial IT
The Institute for Automation & Industrial IT is the predecessor of the Institute for Automation & Industry 4.0. This page is kept for reference.

Three Laboratories (see here) formed the AIT, thus joining their competences in
  • Java, OO, also applied in control applications,
  • web services, server, media,
  • embedded, systems, -controllers, C,
  • automation, measurement, process control, safety,
  • robotics and electric propulsion.
Our instituteSolarworld Nr.1
  • handles a considerable share of the university's IT infrastructure,
  • has a industrial robotic lab.
  • It was and is part of many software, development and research projects  
  • bringing the by far biggest relative amount of extern research money to the university.
  • The project, most noticed worldwide is "SolarCar".
  • ... and a lot more ...
Especially SolarCar and the robotic lab involved big student's teams over years. This demonstrates the strong link between research, development and teaching — one goal of AIT. Additionally those projects were undoubtedly the "door opener" for our industrial activities and co-operations in the Bochum region and beyond.
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